Know who is contacting you

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5 Reasons why should you choose True Contact!

From unknown into known

How many times have you seen an incoming call with only the number on the screen without knowing who that person is – someone from work, a telemarketing person or your daughter's new teacher? True Contact is at your service. Using its vast resources and unique reasoning algorithms it will immediately turn these calls from unknown to a known one, even before you answer it.

Easy to use – You do nothing

You do not need to teach True Contact anything or even initiate it. Just install it and let it do its own reasoning by searching its vast resources to resolve these numbers and bring you a name, location and even logo of the person or company behind this number while you are still trying to decide whether to answer or not.

Fastest growing in the market

Of all the applications offered in the android play today in the field of resolving numbers True Contact is the fastest growing worldwide.

After calls capabilities

True Contacts helps you also in your after call tasks – you can use it to dig information regarding calls you had and calls you've issued to unknown numbers without any limitations. The True Contact powerful engine is at your always and not limited to the incoming call seconds only.

It is Really free !

True Contact is truly free and cares about your device's battery

True Contact used worldwide!

About True Contact

True Contact is the best choice you can have to resolve all those unknown calls you receive and do not know whether to take or reject.

It is a thin and low profile application that sleeps in your smartphone until an unknown call arrives. At that point it performs a smart resolving process based on a large resource and an advanced reasoning algorithm. As a result the user can enjoy a quick and reliable lookup search do deliver the caller's name and profile.

True Contact is a fast growing application and touches already more than 150 million people worldwide.


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